The Four Finest Fireproof Document Safes Of 2021

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It’s vital to note that although there are safes that supply a higher diploma of fireplace protection, they aren’t designed particularly for paperwork as our picks are, they usually have other disadvantages. For starters, they cost at the very least 3 times as a lot as our top decide (and infrequently several occasions more), and they weigh so much (at the very least a hundred pounds) that they’re difficult to move as soon as in place. Plus, according to a fire professional we spoke to, their two-hour-plus safety rankings offer diminishing returns since most home fires are out inside about an hour. The 1114 is certified to withstand excessive-temperature fires for twice as long because the competition, but it weighs 42 pounds and has the footprint of a mini fridge. The Honeywell 1114 Lightweight Fireplace and Waterproof Chest is independently verified by the safety group Intertek to keep personal objects secure during a fire for as much as an hour-twice as lengthy as the competitors-in conditions as scorching as 1,700 °F. A home hearth can peak at about 2,000 °F, however this type of heat happens at the highest factors in your home, specifically the attic or a minimum of the ceiling. It’ll be cooler down near the ground, where you retain your safe. Honeywell additionally says the secure will keep spray and flood water out for 100 hours. It’s massive sufficient to hold both letter- and authorized-measurement sheets of paper without your having to fold them. The additional safety makes the 1114 noticeably bigger and heavier than different safes of comparable capacities-it weighs 42 pounds and takes up the identical quantity of floor house as a mini fridge. However we think the price and size are price tolerating because this safe provides your stuff a better chance of surviving a catastrophe. " The Union Safe Company Waterproof And Fireplace Rated Document Safe, offered completely at Harbor Freight, is the most effective choice if you happen to can’t spend $100 on a safe or in case you have restricted floor house. It’s massive enough to hold 8.5-by-11-inch sheets of paper with out the edges curling, and it’s rated to withstand a 1,550 °F fireplace for 30 minutes. That’s half the endurance and a significant reduction in temperature protection in contrast with our top pick, so choosing this protected means you’re at higher danger of losing the contents if catastrophe strikes. However every fire is different, and this secure is certainly better than no safe at all. On the plus side, it has a a lot smaller footprint than the Honeywell and weighs only 28 pounds, so it’s easier to maneuver if needed. Just be careful with the keys: Not like each other model whose safes we tested, Union Safe explicitly says it can’t substitute lost keys. The Honeywell 1108 Fireplace/Water Giant File Chest is a larger model of our prime-choose protected, with the same one-hour fireproof score. This 84-pound behemoth is designed to carry each letter- and authorized-size hanging file folders, which is convenient if you have a whole lot of paperwork or simply want to maintain your things organized. However it is a large problem to move. The 2037F is massive enough to carry file folders and documents, but it surely has solely a 30-minute burn rating. We advocate it only if you’re looking to save lots of a little bit money or don’t have the house for an enormous safe. On the time of publishing, the value was $84. The primary Alert 2037F Water and Fireplace Protector File Chest is essentially the most affordable mannequin designed to carry letter-dimension hanging file folders. It has a 30-minute fireproof score, and over years of testing this class, we’ve been impressed with First Alert’s safes attributable to their reliably strong build quality and affordable costs for the extent of protection they offer. Sadly, many of them have been discontinued, so make sure to grab the 2037F if it interests you.