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NFL TV Network Reporter Mike Garafolo reported that the eagle rebuilt Pitas's contract, bahnportal.At and now his contract value can be up to $ 8 million, including $ 2 million signature bonus, guaranteed to reach 400 Ten thousand U.S. dollars.

"When you come to a new team, what you do is to show your attitude towards people, you are willing to work more, try to win their respect," Campbell said Friday. "So I spend time in the past 2 weeks and our distance off events to win the respect of the teammates."

"The coaches told me that they want me to play a good job," Campbell said. "I guess I have to work hard to get at least 15 kills. You have to lock the opponent to the ball, let the team can only rely on an offensive method. Then you can impact quartz."

After the original first guard against Brandon Brooks injured season, the eagle re-signed the Pites in July. At that time, Pits and the eagle signed a maximum value of 6 million US dollars and guaranteed revenue reached 3 million US dollars. The eagle's plan is to let this old will be a sharp strike in his career.

After this year's break is traded to Baltimore, Campbell has joined a super bowl of popular team. However, no matter how many honors and praises in the past, he still urgently wants to win the respect of the new teammates.

It is difficult to see Tom Brady and Rob Gronkowski, because the age of the age is not changed, the current Braddy and Gronkov Sky completed 64 pass to reach, and two of them need at least 5 healthy seasons to approach or transcend Manning and Harris.

Such data makes many people feel surprised. Recent professional American football talk show, the host asked Manning for this record in the future, if Manning replied: "Say NFL is easy, you only need to pass the ball and then Harris to complete the game, this Almost through the whole game in Pony, I think my many records will be broken in the future, but I don't think that I and Harrison have completed the record of the reach will be broken. "

Maybe Pites has a high state that has fallen, but he can still block the rush of his opponent. Although the eagle offensive front line is hurt, at least Pites can protect the blind side of the Carson Wentz. And he has also got a salary as a return.

Defensive Did-Edge Cales - Campbell: Strive to win the respect of the new teammate
Calais Campbell is widely considered to be one of the best defensive players in the Alliance, but this defensive end is still very modesty during the 13th season.

Arizona Tseart in the home battle, choosing the ball attack first. As a result of the game, the quartz-Swan-Parm was led to the near-end Duanmei, Greham, Jermaine Gresham, pushed 20 yards. After running 卫 安德雷 - Andre Ellington shorts the left side, runs 20 yards. Before the red area, the outside of Jaron Brown completed 25 code to catch the ball, helping the Red Spits 7: 0 leading cowgirl. The red ramp used a wave of 5 minutes and 1 second to easily establish 7 points of leading advantages.

After the two teams will discard each other, the game enters the fourth quarter. The bristles of the red rickets make the cowboy to get the ball in the middle. Cowmone taken Bryles Bretler's Direct 37 code! Cowboys 21:14 re-lead. Lari-Fitzgerald is not willing to show weakness, facing the 18th yards of the three gears, he is in the middle of the air to grab the ball from the hand of the denim guard, and take the ball in front of the ball! This boller also helped the rock to advance 24 yards. In the end, the game is 37 yards in the Taoist House, and the rickets are only 4 points behind 21:17.

49 people in the offset period and the draft have added a number of young defensive players. If Bakner can finally get a long, he can become the main bone of 49 people's defenders for a long time. In 2019, his basic salary was $ 720,000, he could earn $ 14.3 million in 2020.

49 people and defensive cuts Bakner began to renew the negotiations.
Beijing May 7th, San Francisco was 49 people selected to perform the fifth year of Deforest Buckner, which expressed their wish to stay in Bakner.

At the beginning of the offset period, the New York Jet, Houston Texas, Cleveland Brown and San Francisco 49 did not find the answer to the four-point position. The jet has been contacted Carterler, once the jet opportunity arranges a trial but the team finally signed Josh McCown. At the same time, 49 people signed the old Braian-Hoyer and Matt Barkley. Dictionary Chinese Texas and Brown have selected a rookie quarter-defense, they may have to sign the old quarterfield at some time, but they are not interested in Carteller.

In the second half, the cowboy taken Turrence-Williams will push 22 yards, but they have failed to continue. In terms of rickets, their offensive group still did not find the status of the first quarter, three gears out. The cowboy offensive group started attacking near the midfront line, Izeri-Elliott rushed 20 yards, after which DEZ BRYANT was taken down, holding the whole red ramp The setup of the inlet area, 15 yards to catch a score. The cowboy suddenly became more than the score, with 14: 7 leader.