Winmau Plasma Dartboard Light Dimensions

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And it has evolved through time, so the current measurements are the result of a lot of trials and errors, and they represent the most comfortable and safe way to play darts. The other, a maybe more important reason to follow these mounting dimensions is that darting is a game with history.

Between the two, there should be 5 feet 8 inches, (173 centimeters). Mounting the dartboard will require a small bit of precise measurement, and in order to ensure you are sticking with official regulations, you should first ensure you have the proper space within the playing area. This height will not usually change for any reason in official settings, no matter the height of the player. Officially, your dartboard should be measured from the center of the bullseye to the floor.

The official minimum distance between the front of the dartboard (not the side that is flush to the wall) and the throwline, also known as the ‘oche’, is 7ft 9.25inches (237cm). That quarter of an inch goes to show what a finely-calculated game darts really is!

In order to avoid confusion, there are standard international phil taylor dart weight board measures that most of the manufacturers respect to the letter. A standard dart board, or as some call it a "clock" board, measures 18 inches in diameter.

For instance, many of them have a ‘cricket’ mode which is really popular for fun darts games in bars, as it is something of a leveler in terms of ability level and is fun for playing with loads of people. Some of the fat cat 727 electronic dartboard dart boards have 30-50 different game modes. This is an incredibly useful thing to have, and it means that when you get bored of one mode you can simply try another. The games included within these dart boards can vary greatly.

Here’s a few ways you can hang your dartboard without poking any holes in the wall. You might need to hang your dartboard without nails or screws if you are renting an apartment or condo. While following the manufacturer’s installation instructions is highly recommended, sometimes we need to find alternative solutions to make things work.

Having the correct professional dart weight board height and distance is a key part to setting up your dart board, but firstly, it is a granted that you should make certain that your dart board is setup is in an area of your house that is out of harms way, away from any breakables, and contains enough room to allow for the necessary measurements.